Life Under Lockdown - Part Two

The Hidden Church in Amsterdam is a wonderful museum. On the outside it is an ordinary canal side townhouse. On the inside however it is a glorious tardis; an entire Catholic Church with a labyrinth of staircases, rich artwork, period decor and the soaring two-story church itself. It was built at a time when the Dutch authorities were Reformed Protestants and Catholics were not allowed to hold public services. I have often wondered what it must be like living in a society where sharply differing public and private views are held, the state on one trajectory with sections of communities, privately on another. From conversations and newspaper articles over recent weeks, such differing public and private views are becoming more evident around the reaction and ongoing behaviours to CV (yes, I see from emails that it even has it's own acronym!). Some are clearly scared of the virus and and suffered while others believe the continued response is an over reaction. However for those who believe this to be an over reaction that may have more damaging consequences, such views are expressed cautiously. Like Catholics living in a Protestant Netherlands.

Nine weeks on and life, as we used to know it, continues to be restricted. There are glimmers of hope that the things we used to take for granted might start to resume, but for now, the rules are still clear in Scotland - Stay at Home! And so we have, for the most part. There has been no shortage of things to busy ourselves with. Ploughing, harrowing, rollering, seeding, hatching, dagging, digging, planting, feeding, painting, chasing, herding, bee keeping, fencing, rehoming, chopping, selling and the list of gerunds goes on.

I shall therefore leave the photographs to do the explaining and hope you enjoy the following gallery of snaps and videos.

Until next time, keep the faith!


Ploughing the fields

Trying to catch a swarm of bees - I'll bee back!

The swarm more keen to cling to the fence post than move into their new home

Cleaning up a mucky bum

Our Romney sheep

And a new tup for them. Saving his energy for all the hard work at the back end of the year

The young shepherd moving his flock

The shepherding team with their fat lambs ready for 'market'.

Feeding the orphans

Who needs a sheep dog?

A dead bird for a pet. We drew the line at taking it to bed!

Pigs on the move

Resettled in their new woodland home

The boar moves out and Oscar moves in. His new den getting an interior makeover.

The latest batch of pig produce ready for delivering

Kids helping with seeding

Apple orchard in full blossom

Trying my hand at electric fencing work

New Angus arrivals on the land. Cows and their calves to help vary the grazing rotation

Restocking the wood stores for the coming winter

Resident Greylag geese with the goslings chasing away an intruder

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