Life's a Breeze

In spite of our BastleBOG name, I think we've fared quite well with all the rain. It has been an awful winter so far. Incredibly wet and windy. There's mud everywhere and with the added wind, it seems to take twice as long to do anything. Mustn't grumble though. The photograph below was taken in the centre of Jedburgh before the river Cheviot had reached it's peak. Thankfully we are at least nowhere near that wet!

We have, however, had a our fair share of damage. In one of the storms a small shed was torn apart. It was a pretty flimsy thing and obviously thrown together too quickly by a shoddy handyman (oops, note to self - must try harder next time). Although I console myself with the fact that it was probably more suited to the confines of a protected urban garden, rather than facing up to the full force of a 75mph westerly charging down the glen. But looking on the bright side, it's always good to have more firewood and something else to do with my time!

The sunny, dry days have been few and far between and proper winter mornings have been even more seldom. So much so that the apple trees are budding already, bulbs are eagerly sprouting and some of the ground that was turned to be broken up by frost is still in sods. This last point is a contentious one I am learning. I believe the organic view is that to expose your ground over the winter is to risk washing nutrients out and erode it. I am therefore experimenting a little. Most is covered but some is exposed. I'm not sure if my comparison techniques will be suitably empirical to provide a valued result but I can at least pretend.

It's is that time of year again; the time of stunning sunrises and sunsets. It is one of the most outstanding features of the big, bright Berwickshire skies. A real joy to see unfolding over breakfast.

The animals are doing grand in spite of the weather. Egg production, which had almost fallen off the cliff towards the end of last year, has returned with gusto. Even a goose has started to lay. And the piglets are no longer piglets. They're now young punks and have no respect for electric fencing, or any fencing for that matter. We have had a few escapees, which you can probably get away with when you live in the middle of nowhere. Our village location adds another dimension and has given some locals something to mutter about.

Does my bum look big in this?

My work companion
Our first goose egg
At last, some time off and a refresh

In January, Alexa felt I needed to have a break - or maybe she needed a break from me - so she sent me off skiing, with Oscar to look after me. A proper boys holiday.

The Yoga Room

Meanwhile Alexa continued with her yoga classes. Since last year she had been running them in the village hall but at the start of 2020 they moved over across to her new Yoga Studio which we fitted out in December. More of that in the next blog. For now, I had better get the waterproofs on and head out and see what damage last night's wind and rain has brought.

Until next time. Oh, and Happy New Year!


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