Fowl Play

It has been a while since the last posting. Two full months have been and gone. In that time West Bastlebog has come alive. Meadows are waist high with flowers and grasses, weeds are relentless in the veg garden, hens are consistently laying, the sheep and new lambs are back and up to their usual self destructive habits and there's wildlife everywhere. There are endless new tasks, projects and duties and just not enough hours in the already long days.

Goslings and ducklings on parade

Last month 14 Embden goslings and five Cayuga ducklings arrived. The geese are an attempt to try and help keep the grass under control in the orchards. The ducks? Well, it was just one of those things. I'd never heard of Cayuga ducks before but they looked too cute and cuddly to leave behind. However the ducks are rascals and regularly lead the innocent and slightly dopey goslings astray. They're great fun and I have found moments when 20 minutes or so slips by as I just stand watching the goslings and ducklings as they nibble the grass or my shoes.

On their travels to their new home

Oscar and I took a trip down to Lancashire collect them. There are two age groups; one week olds and around seven week olds when we collected them. The wee ones still needed heat for a couple of weeks but in no time they were all out free to roam the orchards during the day and just coming in at night. They all seem fairly contented with their new organic free range lifestyle and the seller was amazed at the speed of growth of the big ones. There's certainly no shortage of grass to eat.

The older geese looking quite at home in the Old Orchard

April and May have been filled with planting, cutting, repairing and growing topped up with a good dose of rural payments and organic registration admin. For now i had better embark on my morning feeding and watering routines. At least the sun is shining , unlike the past few days. So I shall leave you with a wee gallery of some of the tasks from the past couple of months.

Utnil next time.


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