A Winter Gallery

With today's 10 degrees and the recent days of sunshine, the snow and biting cold of the past weeks seem a distant memory. Yesterday we had our first goose eggs of the year and with pussy willows in full bloom it is a sure sign that Spring is around the corner. Although I would still put my money on another cold spell and possibly some more snow. If so, I just hope it's well out of the way before lambing starts on 3oth March.

Before Spring does arrive I thought I would share a simple gallery of photos of those snowy days. Days when all mud had disappeared, most projects ground to a halt and the animals and poultry seemed much less sure of themselves. There was even a bit of time for some fun and games.

The first goose egg of the year destined for a cake

Some of our our hungry hogs

Sadly an empty holiday cottage. What a shame there were no guests cosying up in front of the wood burning stove.

A chilly start to the morning!

Alfie the Tup, curious as ever

One of the orchards. Quite a difference to the summer views of full trees bursting with apples

The view from the cottage kitchen window. Sadly no guests to enjoy the breakfast sun rise.

A rare moment of time off to enjoy a wee hike in the Lammermuirs.

Until next time.


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